Dr. Crocker Pet Vet here! I polled hundreds of veterinarians and vet students to help you pick the perfect gifts for them this PAWLIDAY! No surprisingly many of the requests revolved around study aids, relaxation devices, and simple financial gifts. Look and give the veterinary professional in your life what they truly want this holiday!


1) GIFT CARDS: Be it for coffee, food, or a massage. The gift of a FREE item of their choice was the number one request.

2) STETHESCOPE: Used daily in our profession a good stethoscope helps brighten your day. They come in almost any color you can imagine. Just make sure to pick one with a double-sided bell for listening to large and small animals!

Amazon has some on sale this week, just click here.

3) NOTEBOOKS & COLORED PENS: Whether it is larger notebooks for studying, or small pocket ones for clinics and rounds, vet students need to keep track of all they must remember. Colored gel pens make it more fun to study. Below are 2 items on Amazon that would work great!

Gel Pens (ON SALE NOW)

4) FUZZY SOCKS: Simple, affordable, and soothing. Socks are fun to buy! I recommend the aloe ones that hydrate while you wear them.

Click here to view.

5) HOSPITAL GRADE SHOES: Being on your feet all day means your shoes matter. If the vet student in your life prefers tennis shoes I would check out the exclusive new ones www.wearfigs.com created for health professionals. If they prefer something sturdier the Dansko’s are the way to go.

Click here to view.

6) PENLIGHT: These handy lights allow us to better examine animals both large and small.

Click here to view.

7) MILLENIAL VET BOOK: A must read for all new grad veterinarians. It can be found on Amazon.

Click here to view.

8) SCRUBS & SCRUB CAPS: They need them, they want them. I prefer FIGS for scrubs that are comfortable and come in fun colors. Plus, they are easy to deal with for returns. Check out all the options at www.wearfigs.com ***They also just released a pajamas designed for members of the veterinary community. They are adorable!

Etsy is a great source for personalized scrub caps. There are many designs to shop. Go crazy!

9) SUTURE KIT: Practice make perfect! Vet students are encouraged to use these kits to practice their surgical skills. This one has great reviews:

Click here to view.

10) VCOTERIE PINS: These unique pins are used to embellish medical coats, name badges, or just make you smile! They have many designs that are specific to veterinary medicine. You can also get them at a great price point, most are $10 each!!! This is one of my favorite ones:

Click here to view.

This holiday wish list will help you pick out the PURRFECT gift for the veterinarian or vet student in your life. Happy shopping!!!!