An open letter to my veterinary clients,

My child was sick the other day and I had to stay home from work. My staff contacted all my scheduled appointments and moved them to another day. After a long few nights I returned to work and was secretly dreading the catching up I knew I had waiting for me.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed I was instead inspired by the kindness and concern all the re-scheduled clients showed me. Many asked how my sick kid was doing. Several sympathized it must be hard to be a mom and a vet.

It is hard some days to be both a mom and a veterinarian.

Every morning I head to work after dropping off my kids to be the best I can be for my patients. I give all I can when I am the hospital. I try and educate clients, do thorough exams, and be the best surgeon for all procedures. I head home at the end of the workday to pick up my kids and turn on mom mode.

Between after school activities, homework, and bedtime I have my veterinary patients in the back of my mind. Is the hospitalized kidney failure cat comfortable tonight? Will the Parvo puppy eat tomorrow? Is my dog spay keeping her e-collar on? Will I have good or bad news on the x-ray report in the am?

I check lab work results electronically once the kids are down. Look up the latest info on lymphoma for a client tomorrow, and then finally go to bed. My day as a veterinarian begins again in the morning. I will continue to do my best for my veterinary patients and their owners tomorrow because they really care. Kindness is a two-way street and I am grateful to experience it at Northwest Animal Hospital.

Thanks again to you all for being so understanding. I will see you soon!

Dr. Crocker- Pet Vet