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What advice would you give to be a good mentor to veterinary students?

As a newer graduate veterinarian, you can be an amazing mentor. Having just completed veterinary school you are in a unique position to understand students and their needs as mentees.

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Hitting the reset button: What curbside care can teach us

Photo Credit: kosmos111 / stock.adobe.com
The necessary changes veterinary practices have made to promote social distancing during the COVID-19 outbreak are sparking all sorts of ideas…


Resolutions that make veterinary practice life more meaningful

Photo Credit: dvm360.com
Start out a new year (and a new decade) with actionable, meaningful resolutions for your veterinary clinic. The entire vet practice can benefit from these ideas!


The top 10 gifts for veterinarians and veterinary team members

Dr. Tannetje’ Crocker (aka Dr. Crocker Pet Vet) polled hundreds of veterinarians and vet students to develop the ideal holiday gift list. Not surprisingly, many of the requests revolve around…


Be a veterinary practice builder, not a practice filler

Photo Credit: whyframeshot/stock.adobe.com
You got the job … now what? As a new associate veterinarian at a practice, you have two choices. First, if you were hired to replace someone, you can…

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Veterinarians: Become a pocket mentor

Photo Credit: Alexey Khromushin/stock.adobe.com
I recently heard the term “pocket friends.” The phrase explains the phenomenon of a relationship that has only been made over the internet and…

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Veterinary Internship

We are sharpened and refined as we go through trials in life. After 10 years as a veterinarian, I can say that my year as an intern was my most difficult yet, and resulted in the greatest growth…

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