When my husband and I got engaged we agreed I would never bring any pets home without asking him first. That lasted about a month. Then I was presented with an innocuous email saying a local farmer had some Labrador puppies for free that needed a good home. A quick trip to “just look” turned into us driving home with two pot belly, flea-ridden puppies in the back seat riding in my lap.

Betty and Boudreaux were brother and sister. They marked the beginning of our journey together. Together we finished vet school, moved to California for my equine internship, and then traveled back to Texas for my first job as an equine ambulatory vet. Both dogs helped welcome our first and then second baby into the family with lots of licks and excitement.

As the years went on, we celebrated anniversaries and birthdays with them right there waiting to catch any cake dropped on the floor or be offered the leftovers. Time started to cause them to grey out on their faces and slow down a little in their activity.

Boudreaux began to age much faster than his sister Betty. He became unable to walk unless he was on the carpet and despite being on multiple pain medications and a joint diet he would mainly eat and sleep. Despite being less mobile he still welcomed snuggles and treats when offered.

I was frustrated with him falling despite my attempts to add rugs everywhere. I began to research and try different products which claimed to offer older dogs stability when walking. Most caused secondary problems or did not last long enough to warrant the difficulty of applying them. That is until I found Dr. Buzby’s Toe Grips.

The toe grips were easy to apply and lasted 2-3 months an application. With them on he became more confident when walking and his quality of life improved significantly. We were able to maintain and enjoy an extra year with him. Please visit the website and give yourself and your aging pet the gift of time. Click here to watch my video to learn more about Toe Grips. Feel free to message me with any comments or questions.